To have a better understanding in Hong Kong’s the occupational health and safety condition of different industries and sectors, HKWHC will initiate partnership with various organizations and parties to conduct research of diversified topics relating to occupational health and safety. We adopt a Participatory Action Research method which emphasizes the active involvement of workers, labour unions and employers during the research on the premises that they are most familiar to the work operations, work environment and the process of the industries. Their participation and response throughout the research is important for discovering the threatening factors of a specific sector.

The action researches conducted will eventually help raise the awareness of occupational health and safety of different industries, and also provide solid ground for preventive and educational work.

If you are interested in exploring the OHS conditions of any industry or job role, please feel free to contact us for information.

If you wish to download our previous research report published, please click WORK AND RESEARCH REPORT.