“Work Together to Enhance Health and Safety Culture and Workplace Improvement”

Occupational hazards exist in the working environment and practices in all industries, including social services, whose risks have often been underestimated. An effective OHS management and a concerning culture are vital to enhance workers’ awareness in hazards prevention, eliminate the possibility of illnesses and injuries, and thereby resulting in increased productivity and a win-win for both workers and employers.

Supported by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, this project aims to enhance participation of all workers in internal OHS improvement in the organization through empowering employers, management and workers to work together to build a positive OHS culture. This project comprises 2 organizational-based programmes:

Introductory Programme

The programme adopts the “Participatory Occupational Health and Safety Improvement (POHSI)” approach to achieve the goals as follows:

  • Enrich worker’s knowledge of occupational hazards prevention and engage workers to participate in internal OHS discussions and improvement through participatory training workshops;
  • Develop OHS Committee to strengthen communication and cooperation between workers and management team for a healthy work environment; and
  • Assist the organization to establish a sustainable OHS management system so as to nurture a satisfying OHS culture.


Service Components:

  1. Workplace Walk-through Survey
  • Identify and assess possible occupational hazards which may cause occupational injuries and diseases in the workplace
  • Provide advice in accordance with the hazards identified to safeguard workers’ occupational health and safety


  1. Participatory Occupational Health and Safety Improvement Training Workshop
  • Design training materials according to different industry to enhance workers’ awareness in OHS prevention
  • Encourage workers’ involvement and discussion of OHS issues in the training through workplace inspection practices, group discussions and inspiring activities


  1. Capacity Building Workshop for OHS Committee Members
  • Invite worker representatives to become members of the OHS committee to help promote OHS culture in the organization. They act as a bridge to enhance connection and communication between employers, management team and frontline workers on OHS topics
  • Encourage workers who are familiar with the working routine and environment to join the committee in order to figure out OHS problems effectively, increase feasibility of improvement practices proposed, and raise the morale and sense of belonging of workers toward the organization
  • Provide capacity building workshop to committee members to further enrich their OHS knowledge


  1. Follow-up service
  • Evaluate the impact of the improvement practices, to ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of the improvement practices


Advanced Programme – Internal OHS Ambassadors Training Workshop

The advanced programme targets at organizations whom have completed the Introductory Programme, to provide comprehensive support to their long term OHS development plans. This programme aims to:

  • Train up a group of employees, the internal OHS ambassadors, by equipping them with essentials skills for smooth and effective dissemination of OHS messages;
  • Allow participants to gain practical skills in applying OHS management system at their workplaces through in-class discussions and assignments; and
  • Guide employees to design appropriate OHS training plans that aligns with the organizations’ daily operation procedures.


Service Components:

  1. OHS Ambassadors Training Workshop
  • Through a series of training sessions (approximately 10 learning hours), participants’ knowledge, awareness and management skills regarding OHS issues will be strengthened
  • A variety of activities like in-class discussions, exercises, assignments and assessments help boost participants’ ability in identifying OHS risks and provide improvement practices accordingly
  • Experience sharing session provides a platform for participants from different organizations to reveal their difficulties and hints to success when bringing OHS management system to application


  1. Guided Internal OHS Training
  • Participants will design internal OHS training for their organization under instructors’ guidance


  1. Follow-up meeting
  • Keep track on the organizations’ alignment progress with OHS management system, to achieve a sustainable development system


  1. Professional Seminar
  • Our centre organizes professional seminars, providing in-depth knowledge on selected OHS topics
  • Qualified OHS ambassadors and staff members from participating organizations are entitled to priority enrolment for the seminars