Management Staff

Management Staff

Chief Executive Ms. Sabrina Wan

Sabrina Wan is the Chief Executive of Hong Kong Workers' Health Centre (HKWHC). She obtained her bachelor degree in Applied Sciences from the University of British Columbia and later received the professional diploma in Occupational Hygiene from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Sabrina joined HKWHC in 2008. She develops occupational health promotion projects and advocates for the protection of workers' health in Hong Kong. She also works closely with her professional colleagues to deliver occupational health and safety (OHS) consultancy services to enterprises of Mainland China. In addition, Sabrina works for promoting work injury management system and the principles of disability management to organizations and stakeholders in both Hong Kong and China.


Prevention Team

Project Manager Mr. Clive Wong

Clive Wong is the Project Manager of Hong Kong Workers' Health Centre. He graduated from the University of Ulster in UK and holds Master of Public Health degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Prior to assuming his current post at Hong Kong Workers' Health Centre (HKWHC), he worked as a health education and promotion personnel at community level and is experienced on promotion of primary prevention.

Since joining HKWHC in 2009, Clive actively contributes his experience to arrange occupational health and safety (OHS) training including "Participatory Occupational Health and Safety Improvement (POHSI)" & "Participatory Work Stress Prevention" service for organizations in different industries and organize OHS promotion events for the community to enhance the OHS condition of workers.


Rehabilitation Team

Project Manager Ms. Tina Tang

Tina Tang is the Project Manager of Hong Kong Workers' Health Centre (HKWHC). Tina is a registered social worker in Hong Kong

Tina joined the HKWHC in 2005. She had rich working experience in developing rehabilitation self-help group. During the past few years, Tina contributes her efforts in work injury management and vocational resettlement services for workers with occupation injury. Moreover, Tina conducts therapeutic groups for work injury clients so as to enhance their quality of life and promote their well-being. Besides, Tina also provides professional training support for work rehabilitation projects in Mainland China.