Occupational Health Talk and Promotion services

By cooperating with different partners such as workers, employers, professionals and local organizations in promoting local occupational health development, HKWHC provides a diversity of services in occupational health development.

To satisfy the needs and interests of different organizations, we cover various occupational health topics in the educational talks provided to different industries. Referenced topics are as follow:

  • Manual Handling Operation Techniques
  • Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders Prevention
  • Proper Usage of Display Screen Equipment
  • Proper Working Posture and Anti-slip Techniques
  • Common Hazards in Outdoor work and Prevention
  • Introduction of Heat Illnesses Prevention
  • Chemical and Biological Hazards Prevention

In addition, we produce and publish OHS preventive information specifically for workers from different industries and interested parties as according to their unique work environment and nature, such as OHS for cleaning sector, health care service, catering, education sector and general civil industries, etc. We also hold OHS exhibitions and promotion activities in the community to deliver OHS education and information to the public.

If you are interested in any of our OHS prevention publications, please click PUBLICATIONS BY HKWHC to download a copy.